about us...

we CREATE cities, architectures and interior environments   .... engineer spatialities

we achieve solutions by UNDERSTANDING contextual issues that matter, EXTENDING client's aspirations + business case, OPTIMIZING GREEN opportunities, DIGITAL intelligence....these become TOOLS of design which attribute & inspire the works we do

who we are

“ …. we maintain that the brain is an instrument of ACTION, and not of representation” - henri bergson

Founded in 2004, Citylabstudio works in a collaborative environment - with offices and studios in cities across the globe to design development projects. Our clients and work types range from prototyping urban design to architecture projects, interior lifestyle to branding concepts, media-art installations to electronic interface, at times meandering between physical and electronic environments.

.... epicentre for ARTS & heritage KUL007       aslan A   warith   Z

our vision

Citylabstudio is inspired by CITIES of the world; its natural growth towards hyper-density and complexity, its conflicts and harmony with the NATURAL systems, contemporary-ART scene, FLUX of demographic and economic demands, etc. With these real issues and conditions in mind, we constantly pursue possibilities within clients’ aspirations to achieve a balanced solution; architecturally these concerns would promote arrays of new spatial typologies or hybrid conditions, that would further extend the environments and landscapes we live, work and thrive in.

with our clients, we seek to achieve active + RAPID interactions, strategic + progressive planning, strong + effective forecasts to enable OPTIMUM fuse of DESIGN, client's business case & market conditions.

.... we do what we love and we do it with passion

our partners
  • citylabPROJECTS sdn bhd
  • AKA
  • Prototype Gallery

our clients

KFM    Kuala Lumpur


BRDB    Kuala Lumpur 

DRH    Kuala Lumpur

tpbennett    London

TMD    Kuala Lumpur

1MDB    Kuala Lumpur

G&Tom    London

Tamouh Investment LLC    Abu Dhabi

WCMC    Kuala Lumpur

Aquaria    Kuala Lum

….  driven by motivation, determination + passion; c i t y l a b s t u d i o sees no boundaries, 
only opportunities...