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haris jalaludin
BA [honours] in film + tv

haris jalaludin graduated with honours from westminster university, london, where he obtained his BA in film + tv. he has an in depth experience working many years in Post Productions. His experience covers assisting offline and online edits, media management on Avid Unity and Avid ISIS, conforming SD and HD programmes, encoding and transcoding files.

Haris is very enthusiastic, highly motivated and dynamic professional who work well independently or as part of a team.

He freelances as a photographer in his free time and has recently decided to focus on exploring his strong interest + passion behind the camera after completing a few small projects for his friends. His editing skills have sharpened his visual understanding in capturing and delivering accurate + high quality photographic material.

>>> photography portfolio
contact details
unit 3, 2A Ronald's Road London N5 1XH
haris@citylabstudio.com or ha98ris@yahoo.com

+44 [0] 207 503 0808
+44 [0] 790 3151 279

Freelance editor + photographer
2008 - present

Freelance Consultant

photography + graphics
2009 - present

Senior VT Operator/ Edit Assistant
2006 – 2008

VT operator/ Edit Assistant
Nats Post Production Ltd
2002– 2006

Asst. Director
RTM 1 (malaysian TV)
1995 – 1997

BA [honours] in Film and TV . 1999 - 2002
. london . uk

ACCESS to Media Studies . 1998 - 1998
College .
london . uk

previous professional experience includes:

evolutions, london
senior VT operator/ Edit assistant
responsible in post production environment:
.   edit Support/Playout from Avid, FCP and Baselight

.   conform and digitise on Avid, FCP and Baselight
.   broadcast Clone, QCs, Audio/Video Laybacks and Aspect Ratio Conversions
.   create Import/Export OMFIs and EDLs withAVID and FCP
general encoding - Content Agent and use of FTP and remote view sites


nats post productions ltd, london
VT operator/ Edit assistant
media management on Avid and FCP
conform and digitise on Avid, Final Cut Pro and Baselight
. e
dit support - assisting (AVID and FCP) edit suite as well as Telecine, Baselight, and Pro Tools.
broadcast and non-broadcast dubs to all SD + HD formats, Broadcast QC
general encoding - content Agent and Aspect Ratio, Media management with Avid Unity, ISIS and Lanshare.

1995 - 1997
rtm 1 (malaysian tv)
freelance assistant director
30 episodes of documentary
13 episodes of documentary

rtm 1 (malaysian tv)
freelance assistant director
13 episodes of documentary