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KUL Green Connectors

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia - A Compact>CITY as a tropical UTOPIA

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia @ RMAF Sungai Besi Airport
The master plan solution continue to remind Malaysians of the first landing strip in Malaysia and the location where the public awaited the return of the delegation negotiating for the Independence of the Federation of Malaya at the Sungai Besi Airport, Kuala Lumpur. The negotiations for the independence of the Federation of Malaya were held in London from 18 January to 6 February 1956.... led by Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra who arrived at the Bandar Malaysia site on 20 February 1956

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia   Kamal A   Syed D  Johnny P   Kuboi   RHJP   Imaan L Ridzwa F

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia -  the tropical UTOPIA

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia   Kamal A   Syed D   Hamadi D  Johnny P   Kuboi   RHJP   Imaan L Ridzwa F

KUL002 Bandar Malaysia  - the Living Bridge houses state-of-the-art digital tools connects the university & the school across the PARK

Design competition heats up

Posted on 17 January 2012 - 09:00pm
Last updated on 17 January 2012 - 09:07pm

THE Bandar Malaysia International Master Plan Design Competition is onto the next stage with the selection of ten semi-finalists last week.

The design competition, which started in October 2011, attracted participation from 35 top local and global talents is organised independently by the Malaysian Institute of Planners ("MIP") for the Master Developer of Bandar Malaysia, 1MDB ("1Malaysia Development Berhad").

MIP President Dato' Dr Alias Abdullah said: "We are very pleased to see the response this competition has received and have shortlisted the entries based on their design approach, company background and similar project experience."

The best ideas will be the basis for Bandar Malaysia's holistic and sustainable masterplan.

MIP is also seeking public opinion, in shaping Bandar Malaysia as a development catered to all Malaysians. It has created a channel where the public can send in their feedback on how they want the development to be.

To voice your ideas for Bandar Malaysia, and to learn more about the competition, log on to www.bandarmalaysiacompetition.com.

The 196-hectare Bandar Malaysia project is the redevelopment of the old Sungai Besi airport into a new and vibrant landmark reflecting the Greater Kuala Lumpur aspiration. It will be significant in transforming Kuala Lumpur as a top global city.

The mixed development will be divided into residential areas, public avenues, a range of commercial and lifestyle facilities and livable space for work/life balance.

The ten semi-finalists are:
  • AECOM, Hong Kong and Focus Architects and Urban Planners Sdn Bhd, Malaysia;
  • ANZ Planners, Malaysia;
  • BroadwayMalyan, Singapore;
  • Citylab Design Studio, Malaysia;
  • DPZ Asia and PAG Consult Sdn Bhd, Malaysia;
  • Gensler, UK and AJM Planning and Urban Design Group, Malaysia;
  • IZM Consult, Malaysia;
  • Machado and Silvetti Associates, US and Akitek Jururancang Malaysia Sdn Bhd;
  • TFP Farrells, Hong Kong; and
  • T.R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

London Bridge Station & Masterplan - Ridzwa Fathan @ tp bennett 2010

London> intensification of a transport-HUB

Abu Dhabi> hyper commercial speculation: Al-Reem Developments