z u l a m r i

Understanding the past to launch the FUTURE... a LIVING museum

 Forest .... Meeting Pavilion     Zulamri Z     Ridzwa F

... book-SPACE 001 + TMD family board room      Azman M     Zulamri Z     Kamal A    Ridzwa F

z u l a m r i

... tatami series MEET SPACE 001 + TMD dining      Azman M     Zulamri Z     Ridzwa F

  ....intelligence forming against ART in context        Azman M     Zulamri Z     Kamal A    Ridzwa F

... the ultimate THINK SPACE 001 + TMD SoHo         Azman M     Zulamri Z     Kamal A    Ridzwa F

Roof Farming - Edible GARDENING.... in a space of ART-heritage + community      Azman M     Zulamri Z     Kamal A    Ridzwa F

GREENING & farming for food ....    Azman M     Zulamri Z     Kamal A    Ridzwa F

... embracing leisure, lifestyle & basics @ Gulai House the Datai ...           Zulamri Z     Kamal A     Ridzwa F